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f Great British Bake Off Quarter Finalist 2013

One of my favourite people, Cathryn Dresser

Rob Smart, John Whaite, Me & Glenn Cosby

Richard Bertinet and some of the crew after one of his fantastic pastry demonstrations

Live interview with Radio Oxfords’ lovely Malcolm Boyden

The reunion ‘gang’ in my kitchen!!

BAKING is a total source of joyous pleasure.

To make a cake is really fun, Step back and smile when it is done

To make a loaf gives loads of pleasure, Spread butter and jam in no small measure

To make some biscuits means you see, A tasty cookie with a cup of tea

To make a pie with pastry crisp, Means dinner time cannot be missed

And to make a pud is pure delight, and ooh, I relish every bite

So bake for fun, for satisfaction, And then observe the ‘smile’ reaction!

After the quarter final, Mary & I swap clothes!

Biscuit cooling tower made for a visit to the power station with BBC Radio Oxford

A birthday picture with one of my two favourite Chefs Michel Roux Jr.

with fellow baker Glenn

A very special day spent at the Manoir

Me doing BBC Radio Oxfords Garden Cafe Sunday programme

A picture of me with the lovely Mich Turner during a special day at the Dorchester Hotel

Me with Phil Mercer - live transmission

The Garden Cafe on BBC Radio Oxford

EXCLUSIVE! - You can now bake with me in my own kitchen, see ‘bake with me’ page