War Time Recipe


10 to 12 slices of stale bread

2oz (55gms) of margarine or butter

2oz (55gms) of sultanas

2oz (55gms) of sugar

1 beaten egg (fresh or dried)

1 large grated apple - skinned

1 teasp cinnamon

Extra sugar for sprinkling


Put chopped up bread (cut/tear into small chunks) into a basin and add a little water. Leave for a few minutes.

Squeeze bread out until fairly dry

Return bread to empty basin and add all the other ingredients (except spice) adding a little milk to make a sticky consistency

Add cinnamon a little at a time until your own taste.

Place mixture into a greased pan

Cook at 175 degrees C for an hour or so until edges are browned and centre is hot

Sprinkle sugar on top 10 minutes before end of cooking. Allow to cool a little, slice and serve