500gms Strong white flour

7gm Sachet of dried yeast

10gms Salt

325gms Tepid water

40gms oil

Extra flour and a little semolina for dusting.

Place the flour in a bowl and add the salt and yeast on opposite sides to each other.

Add the water and olive oil and mix vigorously until all the flour is absorbed.

Knead for about ten minutes until you have a really stretchy, smooth dough.

Cover with a clean tea towel and leave to rise for about an hour and a half or until doubled in size

While the dough is resting turn the oven to its highest setting and use a pizza stone if you have one.

Mix equal quantities of flour and semolina together and dust the work surface.

Tip the dough out and divide into 3 equal balls.

Roll each one out until the desired thickness and cover with toppings of choice.

Bake for between 8 and 15 minutes depending upon the thickness of the bake.

For all 3 pizzas you will need a good passata as a base. You can make your own with the recipe below or use a good quality jar from the supermarket.


15 Large ripe tomatoes.

2 Tablsp Chopped Basil

4 Cloves of garlic roughly chopped.

1 Med red Onion – chopped

2 Tablsp Tomato Puree

Salt and Pepper

2 Tablsp Olive Oil

Cut the tomatoes in half and liquidise along with the chopped basil and garlic.

Put the onion in a pan with the oil and fry until lightly golden, add to the blender and liquidise.

Place into a saucepan add the seasoning and bring to the boil, add the tomato puree ans simmer for at least 20 minutes or until reduced into a spreading sauce.


Passata to spread., 1 x mozzarella grated, 6 rashers bacon grilled and cut into pieces, 6 – 8 med mushrooms sliced,  2 grilled sausages sliced, 2 med  tomatoes sliced, 1 x egg, 1 Tablsp chopped parsley.

Spread the passata over the pizza base and sprinkle on the cheese, place on the bacon pieces, sliced sausage and sliced mushrooms.

Top with the tomatoes and crack an egg in the middle, sprinkle with remaining cheese.

Bake for 8 – 10 minutes until the egg is cooked to choice.

Sprinkle with a little parsley and serve.


Passata to spread, 1 x Mozzarella ball sliced, 3 slices ham cut into pieces, handful of cherry tomatoes halved, handful of cooked spinach, 25 gms grated parmesan.

Smooth sauce over the base.

Scatter with cheese, ham, spinach and tomatoes, drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle over the parmesan.

Bake for 8-10 mins until crisp.

Serve with a little more olive oil, and garnish with basil leaves.


Passata to spread, 1 Mozzarella ball sliced, 1 small tin Tuna drained and chunked, handful each of prawns and cooked mussels, 12 Black olives, 8 Anchovy fillets, a handful of cherry tomatoes halved, handful of basil leaves. A little cream.

Smooth sauce over the base.

Place on the cheese and then the tuna, prawns, mussels, olives, tomatoes and anchovy fillets.

Pour over a little cream

Bake for 8-10 mins until crisp.

Garnish with basil leaves.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Pizzas