1. Petal paste is used for all types of modelling e.g. flowers and other  intricate designs.

2. Sugar paste is general purpose and used for flat icing all types of cakes

3. Mix the two types of icing together in equal amounts to make petal  paste go further. It can only be used for semi fine work.

4. While working with either paste but more especially the petal paste,  keep  covered at all times. It will dry out extremely quickly and be  impossible to work with. Use cling film or a  small polythene bag.

5. Both pastes can, of course, be coloured. Use a good quality paste but  use sparingly at first. These pastes are highly effective but very strong  and it is easy to ruin a batch of icing by tipping too much colour in.  Obviously for deep colours this is not so critical. Remember, you can add  more but you can't take it out!!

6. Both pastes can be frozen but will need to be kneaded well when  defrosted. If the mix is too dry, add a little white fat (Trex) which will  soften the paste.

7. If you don't want to make Confectioners Glue you can use egg white but  ensure to give it a  light beat first.

8. If you enjoy decorating and want to practice, ice an upturned cake tin  and use that!


¼ Teasp Fondant

1 Tablsp Water