This is a sweet rich dough, perfect for a delicious doughnut!!


250 mls Full fat milk

15 gms Yeast

500 gms Strong Bread Flour

40 gms Caster Sugar

10 gms Salt

2 Large Eggs - lightly beaten

60 gms Unsalted Butter

Vegetable or groundnut oil for deep frying

Caster Sugar to toss the doughnuts in

Raspberry jam to fill


1. Heat the milk until tepid.

2. Place the flour in a large bowl, or the mixer bowl.

3. Add the yeast and rub in the butter.

4. Add the sugar and salt, then eggs and milk.

5. Mix all thoroughly together and knead for 5 - 10 mins until you have a smooth stretchy dough.

6. Place in a very lightly floured bowl and leave to rest at room temperature for about an hour or until double in volume.

7. Tip the dough out on to a lightly floured surface and cut into pieces about 30 gms in weight.

8. Roll into neat balls and place on trays that have been lightly oiled and floured.

9. Cover with a tea towel and leave to rise for about 45 minutes.

10. Heat the oil in a saucepan (or use a deep fat electric fryer) to a temperature of 180°.

11. Gently place doughnuts into the oil a batch at a time and fry until brown - about 45 secs to a minute.

12. Turn them over and fry the other side for the same amount of time.

13. Tip onto kitchen paper and leave to cool.

14. Roll in caster sugar.

15. Using a piping bag with a small nozzle insert the jam into the doughnut on one side, as much or as little as you like!

16. Serve.