Serves  6 to 8 people

½ a large cauliflower
3 medium parsnips
3 large carrots
½lb potatoes

½ med swede
1 large onion
2 teaspoons of Marmite (yeast extract

– or you can use a stock cube)
Tablespoon of oatmeal

500mls vegetable stock

2 teasps bisto (veg) powder.
Salt and pepper to taste once cooked.
Parsley (fresh or dried)

For the pastry

225gm free from plain flour
115gm mashed potato - cooled
45gm Vitalite or “Pure”  veg fat

45gm Veg fat (Trex)

2 tsp of Free from baking powder
couple large pinches of salt
Dash of water if needed.

The Glaze - A little Maple Syrup & Dairy free Milk


Lord Woolton Pie