You will need a small bear cutter

(available from most good cake decorating sites)

100 gms White Petal paste

Yellow Colouring

Black, Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow edible pens.

1. Colour 80 grams of the petal paste a rich yellow.

2. Roll out until fairly thin and using your cutter press out 12 ‘bear’ shapes.

3. Leave to harden for about 30 mins.

4. Using the remainder of your petal paste (white) roll out thinly and cut 12 narrow strips of icing about ¾ – 1 inch long for the eye patches over the bears left eyes.

5. Stick on to the bear using confectioners glue and folding under to neaten.

6. Leave for another 30 mins and then using the black pen, draw on the eye, nose and smiley mouth of the bear.

7. Using the colour pens dot colours on to the eye patch.

8. Leave for at least an hour before using on your cakes.

If you are feeling really adventurous why not try moulding the larger bear….it is easier than you think!

1. Roll a ball for the main body of your bear, very slightly flatten in the front.

2. With a sharp knife cut the 2 arm shapes leaving attached to the body.

3. Roll another ball for the head, pinching the ears into shape and attaching to the body with confectioners glue and half a cocktail stick.

4. Roll 2 smaller balls for the legs and attach to the body using the glue and smaller pieces of cocktail stick.

5. Roll out some white petal paste thinly and cut out a strip for the eye patch.

6. Stick to the head with glue.

7. When dry paint on the facial features and the spots on the eye patch with edible pens.