150 gms cooked left over chicken in small pieces or strips

200 gms long grain rice or leftover cooked rice.

3 very large spring onions, chopped

2 Cloves garlic, chopped

200 gms small prawns

60 gms diced ham

2 med carrots peeled and diced

2 celery sticks - sliced

1 red pepper, chopped but not too small.

80 gms peas - cooked for a couple of minutes.

2 eggs, beaten

4 tablsp Soy Sauce

4 tablsp Sesame Oil

Salt and pepper


Cook the rice according to instructions.

Place a large frypan or wok on to medium heat and add the sesame oil, garlic and onion.

Fry until golden then mix in the prawns, chicken and ham.

Lower the heat a little and add the celery, carrot, red pepper and peas.

Fry until tender then add the beaten egg stirring quite vigorously until the egg has scrambled and is firm.

Stir in the cooked rice and mix well with the vegetables add the soy sauce and incorporate thoroughly together.

Season to your choice and serve immediately.