Serves 4


125gm Strawberries

125gm Raspberries

425ml Full cream milk

40ml Double cream plus 250ml to finish.

3 Large egg yolks

30gm Caster sugar

1 Teasp Vanilla Extract or paste

1½ Tablsp Cornflour

1 small pot natural Greek yogurt.


Shortbread biscuits or Barquillo wafers

to serve.


Place the milk. Cream and vanilla in a saucepan and bring to a simmer.

Meanwhile beat together the egg yolks, corn flour and caster sugar in a medium bowl.

Pour the heated milk over the egg mix and return to the pan,

Place over the heat and cook until the custard has thickened, do not over heat.

Remove from the heat and cool.

Place the fruit in a liquidiser and puree lightly but do not overdo so that the fruit is a pure liquid, it should still have a bit of texture.

When the custard is cool stir in the yogurt and half of the pureed fruit.

Using 4 glass dishes (or glasses) place a layer of the fruit custard in the bottom, then swirl nearly half of the remaining fruit.

Add another layer of the custard then the rest of the fruit leaving about a little to finish.

Beat the 200mls of cream until thick and pipe or place swirls on top of the top fruit layer.

Finish by dribbling a little fruit puree on the top, a sprig of mint and a short bread biscuit or wafer.