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f My Grandmother

The love of baking has been with me for as long as I can remember. My granny had a huge wooden scrubbed table in the kitchen and I remember standing at that table, barely as high as the top, and watching her bake. Baking was not just a hobby, it was a necessity in those days. Cakes, biscuits desserts and pies, almost every day and every time delicious.

I am happiest when I am in my kitchen and baking, but I give most of it away to friends and neighbours because of the great danger to the size of my hips!!!

My favourites are cakes, especially for any sort of occasion where I can be creative with sugar work which I love, but I also bake bread, biscuits and desserts in no small measure.

I do hope you enjoy reading my web site with its weekly news, recipes and baking tips and if there is anything you would like to comment on or send me, please feel free to email!

I feel sad that some of her recipes have disappeared over the years but I do have her old cook book which I love reading and noting how much things have changed in terms of ingredients and methods of working.

My ultimate aim is to produce a cook book with some of these old, but delicious recipes, brought up to date and given a modern 'twist' .

I live in Didcot with my lovely husband Rob and 2 rather fussy pussy cats. When I am not baking I help him run our small Laser Engraving business.

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