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This page is dedicated to recipes old and new, some that I have adapted and some I have made up from scratch. I hope you will enjoy making them as much as I do and find them as delicious and enjoyable as my family and friends have…..

Basic Sponge Cakes Cheese & Walnut Scones Basic Short Bread Biscuits Below are some of my favourite Recipes to which I shall be adding to as often as I can. Just click on the name or picture of the one you want to look at to open a recipe window Biscuits Basic Shortbread Dorset Apple Traybake Macarons Lemon Cookies Salted Caramel Macarons Sweet Violet Macarons Lemon Macarons Flourless Choc chip cookies European Skolbrod Icings, Toppings and Fillings Marshmallow Fondant HINTS AND TIPS for use of Fondant & Flower Paste Pudsey Cup Cake Toppers Pure White Cream for Icing Cakes & Cupcakes Occasions & Party Halloween Biscuits Halloween Cakes Celebration Cake Granny Rogers Christmas Pudding Cupcake Christmas Tree Ninety Niners Croustades Oxford Nutty Fruit Loaf Celebration Cake Pudsey Cup Cake Toppers Preserves Christines Traditional Mincemeat Granny Rogers Chunky Orange Marmalade Blackberry Liqueur Banbury Cake Rich Fruit Cake Dorset Apple Traybake Special Fried Rice Meats & Poultry Cooking Christmas Poultry & Gammon


Really Tasty Granola

Lemon Barley Cordial

War Time Recipes

Lord Woolton Pie

Bread and Apple Pudding

Land Army Pastie

Wartime Tea Bread

Wartime Welsh Cakes

Rolled Oat Macaroons

Spam fritter and colcannon recipe

Edwardian Recipes Fried Egg with a Cheese Cream Sauce Honey Cake Old English Crumpets Potato Farls Floating Islands Kluskies Spiced Caramel Apple Crepes Treacle Cookies